Plastic, E-waste- and OldCarRecycling, hard plastic from municipal waste

Faster and improved separation:

  • of production waste
  • in vehicle recycling
  • of electrical scrap
  • of hard plastics from municipal waste

„CSD – ClearSaveDiversify“ is the accelerated separation process based on density for plastic regrind – and groups, which does not require high-tech. Can be used as an addition to existing configurations or as a stand-alone system.

The „CSD“ process separates diffuse plastic regrind and not only enables preparation for recycling, but also gives plastics made from former waste materials „the end of their waste property“. By definition, this even represents the top level of the “waste hierarchy”, the “avoidance of waste”, according to the current recycling management legislation.

„CSD“ can provide the important municipal institution MBA (mechanical-biological waste treatment plant) with a meaningful expansion spectrum and thus represents income = savings = lower budget expenditure or fewer municipal taxes for its citizens.